Prescription Glasses – How To Choose?

Are you tired of your old prescription glasses? It is time that you get a new pair that is both convenient as well as stylish. Given are some tips which will come in handy while purchasing new prescription glasses:

Tips for Buying Prescription Glasses in Staten Island

Complement Your Shape

Ensure that the glasses compliment the face of your shape. If you have a square jaw then you should ideally look for rounded and delicate frames. You can also try using metal frames, which will surely suit your face. Avoid selecting glasses which are completely rounded. Select glasses with flatter frames as such glasses can shrink the round appearance. On the other hand, round and oval shaped glasses can suit any face structure.

Choose the Materials

You will then have to select the material of the frames. Tortoise shell is one of the most expensive varieties of prescription glasses Staten Island. This particular material can suit brown and warm-tone eyes. Metal, on the contrary, is better for sophisticated and professional appearance. However, thick plastic is very edgy.

Check your Prescription
Check with your doctor every two weeks and refresh it regularly. This is even more essential in case you begin to squint. It is possible that you ruin your brand new glasses with a squint.

Bring your Friend

Ensure that you bring your friend to give you an honest opinion along with you to the store. Try several pairs before you arrive at a decision. Look in the mirror and check how the glasses look on you. Select a color that goes well with your wardrobe.

Fashion Magazines

You can also look for some ideas in fashion magazines. Find out which glasses are in vogue. You can also look for ideas in celebrity magazines. Make a mental note of the popular glasses and purchase one accordingly.

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