Show Your Personality With Designer Reading Glasses

Although many people who have to wear reading glasses consider it an inconvenience or an annoyance, frames are actually a wonderful way to show your personality. Unlike those individuals that need to wear corrective lenses at all times, they are usually put on and taken off many times throughout the day. This provides the perfect opportunity to have a little fun and inject your own personality into the glasses.

Designer reading glasses are available in a seemingly endless array of lens shapes, styles and colors. The eyeglass choices range from conservative to cutting edge and from neutral shades of brown to bright shades of green. Frames can be rectangular, oval, round, squared or even frameless. The design styles may be plaid, polka dot, animal print or an abstract pattern. Some styles even have one color on the front of the lenses, such as red, and then have a contrasting color or design on the arm of the glasses.

All of this diversity provides an opportunity for individuals to use their designer glasses as a statement of their personality. Anyone wearing bright blue, plaid, rectangular frames or yellow and black zebra print oval rims is sending a message about themselves that they are outgoing and like to have fun. On the other hand, someone who wears glasses in a shade that matches their hair color, such as chestnut or black, and has slightly oval or squared frames is probably a fairly serious person, or even shy, preferring to blend in with the crowd.

Designer reading glasses can also be used as a fashion statement or fashion accessory and be changed with different outfits. Some days may require a formal or neutral lens for a business or work setting, while an evening out may call for a more outlandish frame shape and color. Just as some people have more than one pair of sunglasses, many people enjoy the options available to them with more than one pair of reading glasses. It really does make sense to have multiple pairs because, if you think about it, people wear different clothing, jewelry, ties and other accessories every day. Therefore, having a varied selection of designer reading glasses to choose from can make the prospect of wearing eyeglasses a bit more enjoyable.