Safety Glasses – Choosing the Best Type for Every Activity

There are many different jobs and activities that are potential hazards for sensitive human eyes and choosing the best safety glasses or goggles will help protect those eyes from harm. While it may seem like a very simple task to just pick up any glasses, there are actually several different types that are made specifically for different task to help maximize protection and offer the clearest field of view.

Working in a Shop

Clear glasses are perfect for general work in a shop or construction site. They are easy to see through, protect the eyes from flying debris and they have different grades of impact resistant lenses for an extra layer of security.

Polarized glasses or goggles are great for people working in bright lighting situations, for example lighting technicians on film sets. The polarized lenses protect the eyes from the intense light. They are not recommended to be used by welders or anyone working with lasers, however, as the glasses do not contain specialized filters.

Anti-fog safety glasses are best used for work or working environments that may fog up safety eyewear. This can occur in hot or humid working conditions, or simply from heavy work that causes the worker to sweat and fog up the eyewear.

Safety goggles are the best choice for anyone cutting materials like wood, metals or plastics that may have small debris fly into the eyes. The goggles work best to completely close off the eyes and protect from every angle.

Working Outdoors

Tinted or polarized safety glasses prevent glare and protect the eyes from very strong light and glare. This type works best for working at construction sites, logging and other jobs that require exposure to direct sunlight.

Anti-fog safety glasses are also best used for weather conditions that may shroud vision from fog built up in the cold or moist mornings.

Playing Sports

Goggles or over specs are great for anyone who would like to play sports with glasses on. These types of protective eyewear not only keep the eyes safe but also protect the glasses from being knocked off or scratched.

Anti-fog safety glasses are great for hard workouts and sports that cause the body to heat up, sweat and fog up eyewear.

Tinted and Polarized safety glasses are perfect for hunting, fishing, golf and other sports that require clear vision and clean distinction between objects for accuracy.

Using Chemicals

When working with chemicals and other bio hazardous materials that can potentially infect or damage the eyes, wearing protective goggles will prevent fumes or liquids from reaching them. They are best used in chemical workshops, paint shops and labs.

Riding Outdoors

Riding safety glasses and goggles are very important to protect the eyes from debris that may fly up from the road or when whipping through the wind while riding motorcycles, ATVs and other off-road vehicles.

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