How to Save Money by Buying Your Glasses Online

Prescription glasses are an expensive necessity for many families and the cost is often not covered by health care insurance. It’s not uncommon to spend several hundred dollars on a single pair of eyeglasses. After spending this kind of money, losing or damaging the glasses can be a real concern. Fortunately, over the past few years many options for purchasing glasses online have become available to consumers.

Get Started

All you will need to buy your first pair of glasses online is your prescription and a few simple measurements. It’s a good idea to visit the eye doctor to ensure that you have the most up to date prescription. In some cases the prescription will include the measurements that you require as well, but if not it is trivial to take them yourself or with the assistance of a friend.

Measure Up

If you have an old pair of glasses that fit you well you can take the measurements from them. The most important measurement to take is the total width of the glasses from one arm to the other. Take your time and measure carefully as a difference of even a couple millimeters can result in glasses that are uncomfortable to wear. Some online vision care sites will ask for your pupillary distance (the measurement between your pupils) instead of the total width of the glasses. The simplest way to measure your pupillary distance is to have a friend read the measurement from a ruler held in front of your eyes.

Who to Buy From

Now that you have an up to date prescription and measurements, you are ready to go shopping! There are many online vision care sites to choose from offering a wide variety of frames, lenses and pricing. Most sites have thousands of frames to choose from and make it easy to narrow the large selection down by frame style, price and several other criteria. In many cases you can find an attractive, well built pair of glasses for fifty dollars or less. Prices can start to climb if you choose options such as graduated or high index lenses.

What to Expect

In most cases you can expect delivery of your glasses within about a week. Most vision care sites will ship your glasses with a hard case and a cleaning cloth included. Some will include extras such as a jeweller’s screwdriver set at no charge.

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