Prescription Safety Glasses – Solution For Prescription Safety Glasses

I am a keen DIY fan and have restored several properties I have bought in recent years. Apart from taking lots of time and money to do, one of the casualties of renovations and DIY for me has always been my glasses. For me, it is mainly the lenses, as they get dust from sanding or hit by sparks from grinding and when I clean them with a cloth, of course, it ends up scratching the life out of them, even if I am careful. So what I need is prescription safety glasses.

As you can imagine, having to replace glasses or lenses can be quite a costly exercise, but I am pretty lazy and rarely use my back up pair of specs – and it’s normally that pair that has been destroyed by a previous project! So, two pairs of glasses end up biting the dust. I know I should use my old pair, but something crops up, and before you know it, you’re up to your neck in DIY and dust and it’s only then, too late you realise what you should have done.

Of course, this hasn’t even taken into account that eye protection when doing DIY is quite essential. I was working with my neighbour just last year, cutting some timber up and a piece of sawdust flew into his eye. He was bed ridden for two days because the sawdust caused some minor damage to his eye and became infected. Eye protection is a necessity these days with high speed machinery showing little in the way of remorse when hurling small objects out from its jaws, so to speak.

So, we need to find a solution to this problem and act on it. And not be lazy.

Standard safety glasses that you can buy from most hardware stores is one solution. Generally, they are large enough to cover your own glasses, so effectively you have two pairs of glasses on. I have tried this method, but personally I really struggle with it as my vision is greatly impaired by two layers of glass/plastic. As my wife will testify, I get very cranky when I am struggling to see, and a pair of scratched glasses plus a pair of dust covered safety glasses make for incredibly testing times. It’s not like I can just pull the glasses up and take a peak at my work because I am so short sighted, it’s all a blur anyway.

The good news, however, is that it is now possible to purchase safety glasses to your own prescription, and what’s more at a very low cost so it becomes practical to have a pair of normal everyday specs, your old back up pair (scratched in my case) and a pair of glasses, safety prescription.

These prescription safety glasses feature high impact polycarbonate lenses, meaning scratched lenses are a thing of the past and high durability frames amongst other features.

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