Distance Glasses – See Better and Look Great

Distance glasses unlike reading glasses tend to spend a lot more time on your face. That makes sense since regardless of how strong or weak your prescription is you still need to have them on most of the time. So that means you want to make sure you get a pair that are comfortable and lightweight. Having glasses on your face for that long should seem effortless. The weight of your glasses is very important and luckily today’s glasses are so technologically advance you can find a lightweight pair of glasses no matter what your prescription is.

If you look around you today at people who wear distance glasses you will notice that rarely do you see thick lenses anymore. Most people probably remember back in the day when a bad prescription meant hug, thick lens that had to be encased in large bulky and most times ugly frames. Those types of glasses were referred to as Coke bottle glasses because the lenses were reminiscent of the old glass Coke bottles. Coke bottle may have been cool but glasses that resembled them were not! Today, that is no longer the case which means a much wider and more stylish variety of frames is available no matter how strong the prescription.

The lenses of distance glasses are so technologically advanced that what used to be big ugly glass lenses are now made from plastic compound that make the lenses thin and extremely lightweight. And, those lenses can be put into beautiful stylish frames available in all shapes and sizes. Glasses have become as much of a fashion statement as jeans or shoes and the choices are amazing. Anyone who wears glasses regularly can find the perfect pair to express their personality. You can also jazz up outfits with glasses and even have a several pairs for use for different occasions. Glasses have become a very fun accessory item.

Of course, we cannot forget that distance glasses are also for seeing as well! That really is the main thing isn’t it? Well, glasses are also for protecting your eyes and technology has made it so you can add things to your lenses like anti -glare film and gradual coloration for sun protection. These processes are very important for protecting your eyes from harmful and damaging UV rays. Glasses have come a long way and offer something for everyone who needs to wear them.