Promotional Sunglasses – Keeping the Sun’s Rays Out While Promoting Your Brand

One of the more fashionable ways for you to promote your brand is to use promotional sunglasses and other items related to it. Sunglasses can be worn by men and women and are good promotional items to give out since they are handy, they are fashionable, and people these days love wearing them. A pair of sunglasses with your company name or your product brand printed on the side or on the corner of one of the lenses can be a good way to help boost brand recognition for you. It can also be given out to employees during outdoor events to help boost the company name and help protect your employees’ eyes from the glare of the sun.

Sunglasses and Sunglass Accessories

There are a number of sunglasses you can use for your promotional sunglasses and as an additional treat, you can include sunglass accessories to the package. Here are some of the sunglasses and sunglass accessories you can use for your marketing strategy:

o Sports Sunglasses. These have a sporty look to them and can be used by men and women alike. These sunglasses are often made of a combination of either plastic and metal or all plastic and are lightweight and easy to carry around. These sunglasses usually have smaller arms and are sleek.

o Executive Sunglasses. These offer more of a classic design and usually comes in metallic colors or are made of lightweight metal frames with slim arms and sleek oval eyepieces. These are ideal for clients and some of the top brass in your company and can be given out as part of a promotional sunglasses package that can include sunglass accessories.

o Fashion Sunglasses. These are usually made for women and offer companies more printing room on the arms since these have wider arms that are more fashionable to look at. These kinds of sunglasses often come in shades of brown, black and other solid colors. The lenses of these sunglasses usually come in bigger round shapes and square shapes that are fashionable to wear.

o Sunglass Cases and Straps. Accessories for sunglasses can be included in your promotional sunglasses package. You can include cloth sunglass case with your company logo or name printed on it and a sunglass strap with the company’s name imprinted on the back of the strap. These can all be given out along with the sunglasses in one pack that can be placed in a see-through plastic bag during conventions, trade fairs and other similar events.

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