Sell More With Creative Sunglass Display Racks

Sunglass Display Racks are the most influential element at the point of purchase that can make or break your sales efforts. According to recent statistics published by POPAI (Point of Purchase Agency International) most of the consumers are making their purchase decisions in store. Especially for visually appealing fashion and lifestyle products like designer sunglasses it is even more critical to display those items in an alluring way.

Today sunglass lovers are overloaded with lots different styles and brands. In order to sell high margin products shop owners need to find creative sunglass displays to make their brand get noticed from the mass. And it is more important then ever to know how to compete for consumer attention in retail markets.

Sunglass display racks are merchandising fixtures that can hold about 50 up to 200 items. Eye-catching sunglass stands with nice graphics and signs are excellent for attracting customer’s attention in a competitive retail store floor.

How can Sunglass Displays benefit your business?

Increase Your Margins. A sophisticated designer sunglasses display will better promote your products quality and increase the perceived value of your merchandise. Our testing reveals that in many categories shoppers will pay up to 50% more for sunglasses displayed on well-designed sunglass racks. To stimulate high margin sales brand products are displayed exclusively to demonstrate value.

It’s all about Attractiveness. An eye-catching sunglass display design increases sales by garnering the attention of customers and enticing them to physically engage to try on some items. You cannot convert sales if your product can’t compete against the mass and get noticed.

Convenience for Your Customers. Once the shopper enters the desired sunglass area, you don’t want him or her to leave this place without purchasing a new pair. Try to minimize distances between different products and the mirrors so that customers do not need to move around too much for testing alternatives. The most efficient and attractive displays are tall revolving (rotating) sunglass display racks with integrated mirrors that can hold well over 100 pairs on a very small footprint.

Location is everything. Intelligent positioning of your sunglasses displays can guide customers through your store to the high margin product areas. Not only must you present the products at the right place on the expensive store floor, but a branded sunglass display will ensure your real estate is secured.

A Matter of Prestige. Elegant sunglass displays accentuate main features of the product and effectively create a reputable image that stand out from the standard merchandise. It has been seen that customers are willing to pay more for a prestige fashion product.

Inform Your Audience. With informative banners and signs you have the chance to not only get the shoppers attention, but also communicate valuable messages about your sunglass product to customers.

Promote New Sunglass Lines. Innovative sunglass display fixtures provide a platform to launch new products to prospective customers. Since the existing products are generating constant attention it is easier promote newer editions of sunglasses near known