Put Your Glasses Away and Put in Some Contacts For a Night on the Town

While it’s an unfortunate fact that many of us don’t have perfect vision, there’s no reason why that should cramp your style. With so many different types and varieties of contact lenses now available from the optical industry, glasses are no longer a necessity for the majority of people who require vision correction. Even for those who choose to wear glasses part-time, contacts can provide a significant degree of freedom and versatility. For example, if you’d rather not wear your glasses while socializing, contact lenses are the perfect alternative. So if you’re tired of feeling like your glasses are holding you back, put them away and put in some contacts for a night on the town.

Many people prefer contact lenses over glasses in social situations and on special occasions. It’s not difficult to understand why this is true, because contacts provide you with more freedom to change your look and are less likely to get in your way. When you don’t have to wear glasses to see clearly, you no longer have to worry about them slipping down your nose while dancing or getting misplaced or damaged if you set them down for a moment. Some people also like the fact that contacts allow others to see their eyes more directly so it’s easier to create a stronger connection while interacting. Also, whenever there’s the potential for photographs involved, contact lenses eliminate concerns about glare and reflections from eyeglasses.

These days, it’s easier than ever for people with all different types of vision correction needs to enjoy a night out without the hassle of cumbersome eyeglasses. Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted, have aging eyes or suffer from a condition such as astigmatism, there are now contact lenses available to address all sorts of vision problems. Some contact lenses have even been specially designed to treat specific eye conditions by delivering medication to the eyes while the lenses are being worn. Furthermore, the many types of contacts available will fit a variety of different lifestyles. So whether monthly disposable lenses or daily disposable lenses are more suitable for your life, there are contact lenses available that will work for you and meet your particular vision correction and lifestyle needs.

Color contact lenses are also great for a night on the town. Rather than simply providing vision correction, these specialty lenses can act as accessories to your outfit. In fact, colored contacts are even available without vision correction, so even if you have perfect vision, you can still spice up your look with an enhanced or dramatically changed eye color. Whether or not you require vision correction, colored contact lenses are available in a number of different styles. Colored contacts with translucent tints are designed to enhance natural eye colors while opaque lenses provide complete color changes. There are also pearlescent contacts available, which illuminate eyes by adding a shimmer or sparkle to their color.

Colored contact lenses are becoming more and more popular and fashionable as they provide a great way for adding a special flair to any look or outfit. With an entire spectrum of colors to choose from, there are colored contacts for every style, occasion and mood. Available shades include everything from storm gray to aquamarine, hazel to emerald green and topaz to chestnut brown. Many retailers also offer various shades of violet and amethyst, so there truly is a vast selection of shades and hues to choose from.

In addition to colored contact lenses, special effects contacts are also becoming increasingly popular as fashion accessories, especially for parties and special events. From cat eyes and zebra stripes to hypnotic swirls and vampire eyes, you can create any number of wild and wacky looks with the help of special effects contact lenses. So if you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch for a costume or just trying to get fully into the party mood, special effects contacts can provide you with the perfect accessories for a fun night out on the town with friends.

Whether you decide to wear regular contact lenses, color contacts or special effects contacts for your social events, you will need to obtain a prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist. A licensed eye care professional will make sure that your eyes are suitable for contact lenses and will help you choose the right type and brand for your particular needs. An eye doctor will also instruct you on proper lens and eye care so that you can wear your contacts and enjoy clear vision safely and comfortably. Once you’ve taken the important first step of consulting with an eye care professional, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the freedom and versatility that contact lenses can provide during a night of fun and socializing as well as during many other times in your life.