What Are the Most Popular Designer Prescription Glasses on the Market?

Once upon a time, women and men lamented getting glasses, but today, glasses can be worn by even the fashionably elite. Rock stars, and popular statesmen wear eyeglasses now, making them trendy and hip. Since the stigma has been eradicated, many well known companies have branched into creating spectacles that are becoming as much a staple to the wardrobe as the belt or handbag.

So, who are the names that people are wearing on their eyes nowadays? The list is quite extensive, but if you wish to play in the big leagues, you need to purchase the most fashionable eyeglasses around. Below is a list of the top five eyeglass lines that are the must have styles for winter (or really any season).

As per usual, the price tags are pretty hefty, however, you c an acquire these fairly reasonably via online shops and wholesalers.

Prada eyeglasses

Prada, a name that is synonymous with classic style, has joined the ranks of many well known and famous designers by creating their own line of fashion spectacles. Based in Italy, Prada decided to make their mark in the field of eyewear with outstandingly flawless masterpieces that embody the class and sophistication of the label.

Gucci specs

Gucci takes it eyeglass line very seriously, even devoting an entire web spread to their eyewear on their site. They offer a variety of styles as well, from aviator, to gender specific male and female frames. The most popular appear to be rimless and shield forms, which a lot of movie stars and celebrities are currently wearing. If you like to shop for deals online, Gucci even offered exclusive web based steals on some their hottest styles. Still. the price of these shades will set you back a pretty penny, even with the discounts.


You have been living under a rock if you don’t know the name Fendi. The high couture fashion house has consistently put out designs that are contemporary, glamorous and classical simultaneously. These elements appear to fit the eyeglass line to a tee. Also made in Italy, many of the glasses display squared plastic frames and metal accents. They also come in a variety of styles and colors.


DKNY’s recent motto is, it’s not about clothes it’s about lifestyle. They apparently feel the same way about their glasses, which incorporates the DKNY sense joie de vie. A stand out amongst an industry that is dominated by Italy, Donna Karan’s eyeglasses are light, fun and less pretentious than other offerings. Innovative styles, creative designs, sleek sophisticated lines dominate the eyeglass line giving consumers what they want – fashionable frames that are functional and great for everyday use.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior has made an art out of franchising the name, and thereby, the company knew just how to market their one of kind brand of eyewear. The most sassy and beautiful of the eye wear lines; CD eyeglasses offer style and comfort. Women cannot help but fall in love with the svelte and gorgeous lines of the women’s collection. Men’s eyewear was also stylish and masculine; complimenting the more rugged features of a male while giving a crisp air of refinement.

For those of you who can’t afford the name brands, ‘legal knock offs’ can be obtained at reputable retailers. These items don’t have the name of the designer on them; all they seek to do is emulate their given style. Still, investing in the real thing may be worth it. Designer styles tend to be classic ones, staying in vogue long after trendier lines have come and gone. As a fashion staple, they will stay the same as clothing styles and designs evolve.

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