Reading Glasses Online

Reading glasses are essentially the most commonly used glasses. By the age of 40, most people develop presbyopia, which refers to the inability of focusing on objects located close by. Often, buyers depend upon over-the-counter (OTC) reading glasses to overcome presbyopia. However, this can often be a short-term solution and inadequate. The best option is to consult an eye doctor, get a complete check-up for your eyes and if required get the prescription for both the eyes. Opting for prescription glasses for reading is the most recommended method to correct your blurred vision.

Why Prescription Reading Glasses?
Although OTC readers may seem like an easier option, prescription reading glasses serve you better in the following way:

1. OTC readers have the same power for both the lenses. However, it is possible that each of your eyes have different powers. Using wrong powered glasses can cause severe strain on the eyes and hence must be avoided at all costs. Prescription glasses ensure that each lens has the accurate power and are tailor-made for your eyes.

2. Prescription glasses are necessary to overcome the problem of astigmatism. Astigmatism refers to blurred or distorted vision that can affect distance as well as near vision.

3. OTC readers are designed in such a way that one size fits all. However, with prescription glasses the optical centre of the lens is aligned exactly with the centre of the pupil. This ensures clear vision.

4. Also, prescription lenses ensure that there are no distortions or bubbles which are fundamental for crystal clear vision. OTCs often are of the poor quality and do not offer highest quality vision.

5. Individuals with nearsightedness should not opt for OTCs as they have negative or minus lens. OTCs are mainly plus or positive lenses and thus not useful.

Buying Prescription Reading Glasses Online
If you think prescription reading glasses is expensive or time-consuming, the Internet offers you some really helpful options. Several online stores provide cheap prescription glasses online made in different styles and colours.
Buyers only need to browse through the several models and choose a pair, enter their prescription and pay online. The glasses made to your prescription would then be delivered to your door-step.
So, the next time you think of buying OTCs, think again. It is recommended that you try prescription glasses for reading.