What Makes Glasses So Popular?

Have you ever thought about why glasses become one of the most popular things? To find out the reasons, I took a survey among my classmates. Thanks to the survey, I realize that there are various reasons leading to the popularity of glasses.

Since years ago, people have been using glasses to make themselves see objects much clearly. In other words, people need glasses to improve their eyesight. Sometimes, it is because people’s eyesight gets worse. Sometimes, the reason is people need glasses to do some research about some object too far away, like a star in the universe. At first, strictly speaking, what people used couldn’t be treated as glasses but lens. Once, there was a single lens and people had to hold it by hand when reading. When people used two lenses to make a pair of glasses, we had been getting closer to modern glasses.

In modern times, as the quality of people’s lives has improved, people use glasses for more purposes.

People may use glasses to protect their eyes. There are many natural damages to eyes, such as wind, sand, small insects, ultraviolet radiation, and infrared radiation and so on. To wear special glasses, people can keep their eyes from these harms. When go swimming, people also wear glasses which enable them to open eyes under the water.

People also use glasses for decoration. Not only movie stars but also common people wear glasses to make themselves look better. People can choose either frame glasses or contact lens. The frame of a pair of glasses will make the person outstanding. Now, a new kind of glasses even has frames only. Without lenses, this kind of glasses is only used for decoration. The frame could be colorful and in different shapes. Different materials may also make the frame special. People have used gold, silver, titanium, aluminum and even handbill to make glass frames. The special material may show the taste of a person. However, the frame glasses do not fit everybody. Contact lens will not cover the beauty of people’s eyes. People who want others to pay attention to their eyes may choose contact lens. No matter what kind of glasses you are going to choose, do remember the only rule, that is, the suitable is the best.

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