Rimless Glasses – A Great Fashion Accessory

Glasses are as much a part of fashion as they are a necessity to our daily lives. It’s one of the fun aspects of what some may consider a curse. Choosing the correct style can immediately set an impression about you, especially if it’s the first. With literally thousands of styles to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of what is fashionable and in style. Well within these styles, there’s one that’s making a rocket like trajectory straight to the top and that is the rimless glasses craze.

Rimless glasses are becoming the must have fashion accessory. Some say it’s due to Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s choice of eyewear in 2008 in the United States. Love her or hate her, she was rocking this trend in eyewear. Rimless glasses are simply a nose bridge, temples, and a pair of lenses, nothing more. They are minimalist in nature, making them insanely lightweight and comfortable. They pull themselves towards the newest contemporary design trends of clean lines and simplicity, cutting out even the slightest bit of excess everything. What little frame they do have, it is usually made of titanium. Titanium is an excellent fit due to its incomparable strength, flexibility, durability, and minimal amount of required upkeep. So where did they come from? They were created by a Japanese designer named Kazuo Kawasaki. Because of this, they are also known in the eyeglass world as Kawasaki style frames or rimless glasses. They are generally more comfortable than most frames since there’s virtually no weight to them. They also stay better on your face because of those characteristics. For those wanting to find a pair of glasses that allow for more of your face to be revealed, these are an excellent choice as well. Due to their sleek design, there’s not much to them to hide any parts of your face. And when they are noticed by someone, they say you’re savvy and intelligent.

Regardless of your motivation behind selecting them, rimless glasses are the newest, hottest fashion trend in the world of eyewear. From their sophisticated, sexy appeal to their extreme comfort and reliability, they have something to offer everyone. They’ve made quite an uproar in fashion magazines and popular news and will only continue to be an extremely trendy choice. Available in many shapes, sizes, and colors, there is surely a combination that will fit your style and compliment you perfectly.