Is Buying Cheap Eye Glasses Online Smart?

It is very safe to buy cheap eye glasses online, as long as you do your homework and buy from a reputable dealer.

One of the most important measurements for your eyeglasses is your pupillary distance (or PD). This number is very challenging to get yourself, and ideally you need experience to measure it, so most are better off getting it from their optometrist. If you spend time surfing the cheap eye glasses websites you will discover that they all need this measurement to properly make your lenses. This will be the easiest thing on your prescription to mess up, so be sure it’s correct.

Many of you may end up selecting the wrong style frame for your face and all because the eye glasses are so cheap. I really took a chance with one pair of mine because I wanted to try something outside the box. At the absolute worst, I was out the $25 I spent on that pair (see, cheap eye glasses) and had a spare set to stick in the back of the drawer. Just make sure that the frame you chose will physically fit your face (all the shops have full measurements available), and have fun picking out your new style.

Choosing frames that are too large may mean that your new glasses will fall of your nose. If they are too small, you’ll feel uncomfortable, as they may pinch the bridge of your nose. Either way, if they aren’t the right size for you, you’ll end up owning a useless pair of discount eyeglasses. When choosing my cheap glasses, I started with the measurements of my old frames to give myself a baseline. Several of the online shops even have rulers you can print if you don’t have one of your own.

If you check all of your options, you will see that getting glasses online isn’t as scary as you thought. Follow the steps we’ve outlined above (remember pupillary distance) it will all turn out fine. There is nothing better than choosing outside the box when getting your new cheap eyeglasses and getting that first compliment when wearing them out. You can even mix and match them to go with your current wardrobe. This is the power that buying cheap eye glasses online gives you.