Sports Prescription Glasses – Beware of Flying Objects

When it comes to the swing of a bat or kick of a ball, athletes who wear prescription glasses on a regular basis will need eyewear that transcends the sometimes rough and rugged style of sports. For those who participate in soccer matches, baseball games or a basketball competition, there is always the chance that a finger or hand or ball may come into contact with the eye. Your vision may be compromised and for this reason you need a product designed especially for the court or field. Prescription glasses for sports not only protect the eyes from any damaging outcomes, but also allow athletes to see their opponents and targets better.

Purchasing Prescription Glasses for Sports

Prescription glasses are recommended for athletes who suffer from minor eye deficiencies, but are especially important for those who only see well in one eye. People who fit into this category are called a monocular athlete and they should always have some sort of eye protection when they participate in a sport. If you wear prescription glasses during the day, an eye doctor can easily fit you with prescription eye-guards.

Don’t like what the doctor has to offer? There are numerous ways to obtain the right eyewear for you, including a selection of intriguing and fashionable frame colors and lenses. These options can be obtained from a specialty sporting goods store, as well as from various optical shops. You may also order a pair of high-quality prescription sports eyewear from the Internet.

When playing your sport, the most well-rounded prescription sports eyewear will provide substantial padding and cushioning for added protection of the brow and nosebridge. These features keep the glasses from cutting into the skin. You should also pay special attention to selecting a pair of protective eyewear that fits. A pair of glasses that are too tight or loose will not benefit you or feel comfortable during play.

Lenses Are Important

Prescription sports eyewear should always deliver high-quality lenses. When contact is made, the lenses should also stay in place or pop outward when participating in sports. Lenses that pop towards the eyes are just as dangerous as sustaining contact from another player or piece of equipment. In intense weather conditions, fogging of the lenses becomes of issue. Choose an anti-fog coating to remedy this problem. Some prescription sports glasses will also offer side vents.

Prescription Sports Eyewear Selections

On the market, there are plenty of prescription sports glasses to choose from. Some brands may sound familiar in the sunglasses and prescription eyewear scene, while others simply focus on providing eyewear for sports. The popular brand, Oakley, offers models, such as the Sunjacket to consider.

With the Bolle Downdraft line, metallic black and crystal smoke lenses accompany this prescription protection eyewear. Additional features include a wrapped lens design; prescription curved lenses; as well as non-slip arms. For a different look, consider the Meanstreak and Swisher options of Bolle eyewear.

With the Rudy Project Horus line, multi-prescription or contact lenses wearers will feel comfort when wearing this particular eyewear. With trendy styles to choose from, you’ll be able to take advantage of maximum UV protection, as well as enhanced optical clarity. Stylish frames in the Rudy Project Horus line include platinum velvet, red velvet, graphite and silver. The lenses come in multi-laser blue and red, action brown, graphite and laser black.

Different sports call for a different brand or style of eyewear. The type of frame and lenses that you select can truly enhance your sporting experience. Popular sporting eyewear brands include Norville, Serengeti, Oakley, and S4S. For a tennis match, you may select the Norville Alpina Swing (with Plastic Lens). With blue or black frames, you may choose from dark gray or yellow lenses, which are known to help locate the tennis ball during the game.

For precision sports like golf, you will find that sharp vision is quite advantageous. The Bolle Boomslang (Polarised) line of eyewear provides matte black or matte navy frame colors, as well as polarized sandstone lenses. They especially provide comfort during high-glare sporting activities. Team sports, such as basketball, soccer, baseball and cricket need strength and durability. The next time you go to dunk the ball, why not pick up a pair of Demon goggles or eyeglasses that offer crystal clear or royal blue frame colors with clear lenses. The spacious, soft durable bridge of this model is quite beneficial to the avid basketball player.