Some Tips for Cleaning the Glasses Lenses By Yourself

In our daily life, it is a habitual action for the eyeglass wearers to wipe the lenses with toilet paper, glasses clothes or cloth corners when their frame glasses lenses are blurring. But the glasses experts point out the frame glasses should be washed with clean water instead of being wiped dryly.

It is learned that most of the glasses adopt resin lenses currently. However, resin lenses are most likely to be abraded and to accumulate dirt, so they must be maintained well. There are micro ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning lenses in the formal glasses stores, but it is impossible for most of us to clean the lenses everyday. For this reason, here are some tips for you to clean the lenses by yourself.

When you found oil stains or dusts on the lens, put a drop of detergent on it, and then slightly rub the lens with your clean finger. After that, wash it by clean water. If there are small water droplets attached, absorb them with soft paper or wipe them with a cloth specific for resin lens. The dirt in the small gaps between the frames can be brushed with an old toothbrush softly. It is better to clean the lenses everyday.

If you cannot maintain your glasses strictly according to the above tips, it is not recommended for you to buy expensive glasses as changing glasses frequently will cost you a lot. Instead, you’d better buy the discount glasses which can also meet your requirements. There is an important thing that you should pay attention to when you purchase the discount glasses since most of the discount goods are old-fashioned or defected. But if you check the glasses carefully, this kind of problem can be avoided.