How To Look After Your Prescription Glasses And Sunglasses

Handle them carefully

Your glasses and lenses are fragile. They are lightweight to make them comfortable to wear so please treat them carefully and they should last you a long time.

Putting them on and removing them

Even if they are made from Titanium, which is very strong, always use two hands to put them on or remove them. One either side! If you use one hand and only grip one of the side arms you are likely to distort them, because it’s impossible to remove them with one hand without putting the rest of the frame under stress and if you do it repeatedly they are very likely to distort. And then you or your local optician will have to bend them back into shape to make sure they fit properly

It’s fashionable, but don’t put them up on top of your head

We know it looks cool and all the celebrities do it. but they can afford to buy a new pair of glasses every few weeks, unlike us more ordinary mortals!

Why shouldn’t you do it? Because it stretches the side arms and puts the hinges under pressure, and even if they are flex hinges it will eventually stretch your frames and hinges and make them less comfortable to wear.

Keep your lenses clean

If they aren’t clean you can’t see through them as well and although you may not realize it, other people can see they are dirty, which doesn’t look very attractive.

The best way of cleaning them is to wash them once a day under a tap using warm soapy water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot or you could damage the coating on your lenses. After, rinse them off, and then, being careful to hold them by the edges of the frame or lens you are drying, dry them with a soft clean cloth or tissue.

If at any time you use a lens cloth please make sure it’s clean. If it’s dirty it will scratch your lenses

Cleaning your spectacle frames

You can use warm soapy water to clean your spectacle frames. If your nose pads or bridge have become dirty and ordinary washing hasn’t removed it, you can gently use a soft toothbrush. But please be careful not to touch the lenses with the toothbrush or you might scratch them.

If you have perspired whilst you have been wearing them or they have been exposed the sea air, or any other sprays or liquids, please wash them as quickly as possible to prevent the spectacle frame or lenses becoming damaged.

When you aren’t wearing them

Please look after them. Put them back in their case. The glasses case, which they were delivered in, has been designed to protect the spectacle frames and lenses.

If you have you put your glasses down and you haven’t got your case to hand, don’t put them face down on their lenses, they will almost be certain to be scratched, even if you have chosen either our Scratch Resistant Hard Coat or Crystalvu coating. If you have to put them down, please make sure that the lenses aren’t touching anything.

Don’t put them in your pocket of carry them loose inside a handbag without first putting them in their case.

It’s also important to make sure the inside of your glasses case is kept clean. The insides of cases can and do become dirty and if they aren’t kept absolutely clean your lenses can become scratched.

Excessive heat can distort them, so don’t but them down on hot surfaces or leave them where they are in strong sunlight such as the dashboard of a car

If they need adjusting

Many people make minor adjustments themselves, but we always recommend you to go to your local optician who in most cases will make any minor adjustments free of charge.

Having a spare pair

It’s always a good idea to have a spare pair of glasses for emergencies. So it’s a good idea to keep your old ones. You never know when you might need them.