Laser Vision Glasses – Innovative Nonsurgical Vision Correction

Nearly everyone has heard of laser surgery to correct vision, but many people are still unaware of the benefits of laser vision glasses. In this method of treatment, the laser is used not on the patient, but instead to create tiny openings in a lens which serve to correct vision in a new way. There are none of the risks of surgery, and the cost is far less as well.

You may have experienced the phenomenon if “pinhole” vision. Take a sheet of dark stiff paper or cardboard and punch a pinhole in it. (You may also pierce several rows of tiny holes for the same effect. No matter whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism, when you look through the pinhole, everything will be sharp and clear!

Laser vision glasses are a high tech version of this process. Vision depends on many things, from the side of the eyeball to the curvature of the cornea to the muscles of the eye and of the lens. Looking through tiny apertures forces the eye to adapt to clear vision, and laser vision glasses retrain the eye muscles and structures in this way. It is believed that, unlike regular glasses, laser vision lens technology can stop progressive conditions like myopia from getting worse and even improve them to near normal.

Best of all, a person does not need to wear strange looking glasses all of the time, but simply for 30 minutes each day while doing any normal activities such as reading or watching TV. While worn, the tiny apertures that are precision created using high tech lasers retrain the eye to see clearly. Some users have reported vision improving by several diopters in only a month!

Studies done in Russia have shown clinical results using these glasses. They have even shown an improvement in proper color perception for those working under certain kinds of lighting. One real plus is that everyone can use the same lens, regardless of prescription, making them pretty much universal.

The laser vision glasses not only look like sunglasses with tiny holes, they also can be used as sunglasses with good protection and no color distortion, unlike regular tinted lenses. Unlike the cardboard pinhole lenses, these are durable plastic lenses with the exact pattern of openings or apertures formed using extremely accurate lasers. Laser vision glasses are usable at any age and with very few contraindications.