Contact Lenses And Reading Glasses And Your Eyes – No You Are Not Going Blind!

When you take your contacts out, the shape of your eye will eventually go back to its natural shape. The contacts are not going to stop your eyeglass prescription from changing. If you put heavy books on your head you will still grow taller. Remember those cement shoes will not keep your foot from growing. The best news is that those eye changes are normal like your changing height or changing shoe sizes so don’t get all upset about that. NO! YOU ARE NOT GOING BLIND! DO GET YOUR REGULAR EYE EXAMS!

Reading Glasses After the age of 40 it is normal for people to need reading glasses even if they have never worn glasses before. This is a normal problem that many people get very concerned about and often think something is wrong. It is absolutely necessary to get regular eye exams after 40 years of age. The ability to read without glasses begins to fade away after 40. The speed at which the problem appears can be amazing. It is not uncommon for patients to tell me this reading problem occurred all of a sudden. A lot of the variation in when people need reading glasses is dependent on the type of work they are engaged in.

People who spend all day at computers are who are engaged in work requiring a lot of reading is more likely to complain earlier than others the same age. Also, people whose hobbies are reading, or working crossword puzzles, or cross stitching are going to need those glasses sooner. People also comment they have to wear their glasses more and feel that something must be terribly wrong. Relax because age causes you to need reading glasses. If those drugstore reading glasses solve your problem and you can read comfortably with them, you can continue to buy those. Every couple of years they are going to need to be a little stronger. This is perfectly normal and does not mean you are going blind. Regular eye exams over forty are absolutely necessary because the incidence of eye problems increases as we get older. The need for reading glasses over forty is not a sign of going blind. NO! YOU ARE NOT GOING BLIND! DO GET YOUR REGULAR EYE EXAMS!

Enjoy your contact lenses but use common sense and after 40 you will need those readers!