Cheap Prescription Glasses – Buy Online and Save

Everyone knows that it is sensible to have your eyes tested regularly. A good eye test serves two purposes. It ensures that if you wear glasses/lenses you have the correct prescription to correct your vision and it also gives you the opportunity to have the health of your eyes tested – potentially giving you early warning of several medical conditions.

During your eye test the optician will try a range of lenses to help decide exactly what is the best prescription for each of your eyes. All opticians have new frames on display and as soon as your eye test is over it’s tempting to start trying on the frames in the shop. Stop. Think. Do you need to buy your new glasses from the same shop? No, you don’t.

By all means, try on several frames to get an idea of the style that you like. Then get your written prescription from the optician and take it home with you.

If you look at your new prescription you will find that it contains a whole range of information. You can use this to order your prescription glasses online. Most online stores will be able to provide you with glasses to your own prescription at prices ranging from around £20 if you have a simple prescription.

More complex prescriptions are also handled although there maybe extra charges. You will be able to choose from a range of options such as coated lenses, scratch resistant lenses, tinted lenses. Turn your prescription glasses into prescription sunglasses by ordering photochromic or polarised lenses.

If you fancy designer frames, you will find a wide range to choose from. An online prescription glasses store will probably stock a greater range than is on offer at your local opticians.

Purchasing your prescription glasses online could save you a lot of money. To see how much purchasing prescription glasses online costs, take a look at cheap prescription glasses.