Pinhole Glasses’ Magical “Powers”

Whether you are myopic (short-sighted) or hyperopic (long-sighted), there is something new in the market which might just be right for you and that is the pinhole glasses. These glasses are made of plastic and contain hundreds of pin holes which allow light rays to enter and fall accurately on your retina so that you will be able to see without your spectacle. Now you should be wondering how does the pinhole glasses work?

If you are a photographer, you would know that an object will be more focused by reducing the aperture of the lens. People with myopia or hyperopia always have blurred vision because the light which enters their eyes do not fall on their retina. It either ends up before the retina for the myopic or after for the latter. This is the cause of their blurred vision. However, the pinholes are able to correct these problems. As light passes through the pinhole, it is not refracted by the lens of your eye and travels straight to the wall of your retina. Therefore, you will be able to have a clearer vision.

If you have to use the computer very often, you might want to try using the pinhole glasses. Long usage of computer will often cause Computer Vision Syndrome. Users will hence experience eye strain, headache, blurry vision, double vision, eye fatigue and dry eyes. Wearing these glasses will reduce the glare from your monitor, increase the depth of your vision and most importantly helps your eyes to relax.

Even though there are no medical studies that prove that pinhole glasses can have permanent improvement on the vision, there have been many reports that wearing such glasses daily for at least 15 minutes can improve your vision. However, do not wear these glasses when driving because your peripherals are being blocked and will therefore be very dangerous.

Lastly, pinhole glasses are very affordable and could be purchased easily over the counter. There are no side effects to this product so if you are interested, there is no harm trying.