How to Decide on Whether to Wear Glasses, Use Contact Lenses or Have Laser Eye Surgery

Having a vision problem? Had an eye test and found out you need glasses? Are you considering contact lenses or Laser Eye Surgery? I’ve done some research into the best option to take and can lend a helping hand.

Laser Eye Surgery

Surgery is becoming more prominent in the media and prices for eye corrective surgery are becoming cheaper. A recent poll found out that the majority of Australians consider laser treatment as minor surgery. A lot of people don’t understand what laser surgery actually is. There are basically three types of laser surgery: eye Lasik surgery and Photorefractive Keratectomy and thermokeratoplasty.

Eye Lasik Surgery was first developed in 1950 from a Spanish-Columbian ophthalmologist named Jose Barraquer. He developed the technique which is used by the surgeon to cut a small flap in the Cornea to alter its shape. During Lasik surgery the surgeon cuts a flap in the stromal layer (middle layer in the Cornea) and the flap is folded back. Then the doctor uses a laser to reshape the cornea.

Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) is similar to Lasik Surgery in the way that both use the same laser to alter the shape of the cornea. The major difference between the two surgeries is the way that the stroma is exposed before it is vaporized with the laser. In PRK, the top layer of the cornea, called the epithelium, is scraped away to expose the stromal layer underneath.

Thermokeratoplasty uses a slightly different laser than Lasik and PRK. The laser in this method uses heat to reshape the Cornea.

Advantages of Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery can restore your vision. The patient won’t need to wear glasses or contact lenses and will have perfect vision. You can play sports and not worry about breaking your glasses. You won’t need to worry about misplacing your glasses, or putting your contact lenses in everyday.

Disadvantages of Laser Surgery

Laser surgery has been known in some cases to make eye sight worse. Some surgeons aren’t as skilled as others and some patients have complained about seeing ‘halos’ and having constantly dry eyes. The treatment is also very expensive. Prices vary between surgeons but don’t you really want to go with a cheaper surgeon who may not be as experienced? The decision to have laser surgery is serious one to make. Is it worth the risk of losing your vision?

Contact Lenses

Roughly 125 million people use contacts in the world. Leonardo Devinchi is responsible for the first drawing and description of the idea of contacts in 1508. Roughly 300 years after this the first ones were made and worn on the eye. Modern lenses were first made by a Czech chemist called Otto Wichterle. Some modern lenses have a UV protective surface to protect the eye from the sun’s harmful rays. It is also possible to get non prescription contact lenses, which alter the colour of the wearer’s eyes. There are other styles of lenses that change the appearance of the wearer: you can get coloured contact lenses that make your eyes look like cat’s eyes.

The Advantage of Contact Lenses

Contacts have the advantage over glasses when playing sport as they are less likely to be knocked out. If they are lost they aren’t as expensive as a pair of glasses. Some people prefer the look of lenses to glasses as it gives the wearer a natural look. The cosmetic contact lenses can be fashionable and can change eye colour to the wearer’s preferences. They don’t get steamed up like glasses do in rain. They aren’t as dangerous as laser eye correction surgery. Certain 30 day lenses don’t need to be taken out when you sleep. This means you’ve only got to worry about putting them in 12 times in a year instead of 365 times. There used to be concerns about eye infection with lenses however with contact lense products and the creation of silicone hydrogel lenses seriously reduces the chance of infection. You get new lenses every month so you don’t need to worry about losing them like you would with glasses. Losing glasses is an easy thing to do if you can’t see!

The Disadvantages of Contact Lenses

Lenses can be hassle when putting them in and taking them out, compared with glasses and laser eye surgery. Lenses need specialist lense care products which can be expensive. Lenses can be a pain if they move out of place and roll backwards on your eye.


Before you chose a method it is recommended that you see an eye care specialist at your local eye care clinic. The results in this study show that contact lenses are the best option because of their safety and inexpensiveness. I hope this article has been helpful in your decision.