Prescription Glasses With Tinted Lenses

Glasses come with different color lenses and you choose it according to your choice. There are tinted lenses that you will surely like and these tinted lenses are light, medium and dark solid. You get what you like and want. If you want the lens to be light it can be very bright and you will see the actual picture. Having a dark tint to your lens will give you a dark look by which the sun will not hurt your eyes.

The darker the lens it shows how long the lens has been in a color tank. The longer the glass stays in the color tank, it gets darker. If you want the same color that stays on the lens then it needs to be immersed only for sometime and if you want the lens to be dark on the top and light at the bottom then the lens top will have to be longer in the solution than the bottom part of the lens. This is how it works.

The dark tint has an intensity that is 80%-90% darkness and this glass should not be used when a person is driving. If they use this glass for driving then they will not be able to see properly and might lead to something else so it’s best not to use this dark tint glasses while driving. The medium tint has an intensity which is 50%-60% only so this is good for driving and won’t be a problem for your driving.

Many use yellow tint for driving as it is very pleasant for your eyes and does not hurt when you are in the position to face the sun. tinted glass is usually not used as a prescription glass as if you are in a dark room you will not be able to see anything as it will be dark. There are ones that are especially made for prescription type which will not be very dark tinted. This is only to help you look and see better.

Whatever you do the sole aim should be on your frame. You do not want to look like a nerd do you? So look good and also be able to view well. You need to give protection to your eyes by keeping it safe from the sun so get a tint that will be extra soothing. If you want a good tint prescription glasses then you can get help from an optician.

Different people wear different tints and it is according to their wish and some like to look extra ordinary so they choose what they like. There are a lot of fashion tints that you could actually try and trust me you will never ever regret having one. Many go in for cool tinted one’s as they adore it and think it is so in fashion and fashion is why we stick on to such things that make us what these tinted glasses. Enjoy wearing your tint in a tinted style!

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