Contact Lenses Vs Glasses

A number of people continue to wear glasses even though majority of people with eyesight problems have moved on to contact lenses. Not everyone knows about specific differences between these two vision options. Here is a quick comparison of contacts and glasses.

1. Since contact lenses are worn right on your eyes, it will provide you with more natural vision as compared to glasses. You will be wearing glasses at a certain distance from your eyes. This distance can often result in distortion of vision.

2. When you are using contacts, your complete field of view is within the range of your focus. If you play a game or you need to drive frequently, contact lenses are perfect for you. Compared to glasses with extremely poor peripheral vision, contact lenses will allow you to see all around with great ease.

3. When you put glasses on your eyes, you will be aware of lens’ edge and frame all the time. This awareness can even cause irritation and headache after heavy work. Reflections from backside of the glass can also be irritating. When you are using contacts, there will be no issue of reflections or constant obstructions like a frame or glass it-self.

4. You will need to adjust your glasses now and then. Whether you are driving, playing or doing some work on a computer, glasses will need periodic adjustment. Contacts will put no additional weight on your face and they need no adjustment. You don’t have to be watchful of that frame slipping down your nose every time you turn around to say hello to someone at work.

5. When you are using glasses of vision improvement, there are little choices that you can enjoy as far as fashion and style are concerned. However, you can buy contact lenses that come in a wide range of styles, colors and costs.