Same Sunglasses, Different Reasons

Everyone should be familiar with the primary reason sunglasses are worn. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, warding off long term effects of the sun’s damage. However, what are some other reasons to wear sunglasses. Everyone has their own reasons, aside from the protection benefits, for wearing sunglasses.

Sunglasses, especially darker ones, help to create an air of mystery surrounding their owners. It is often difficult to carry on a conversation with a person wearing opaque shades. This mysterious, often intimidating look is a favorite for investigators, poker players, and police officers. When someone cannot see your eyes, it is difficult for them to tell what you are thinking.

Sunglasses are a fashion statement all their own. They are often the first thing that a person sees when they look at you. The shades you wear make a statement about you, so choose wisely. The sunglasses you pick out could mean the difference between telling the world that you are a fashion force to be reckoned with, or someone whose mom still picks out his clothes.

On a more somber note is a situation most of us ourselves in. Sooner or later, everyone loses someone in their life and there is a funeral to attend. Vanity should not be your first priority in this case, but there are certain measures you can take to help grieve with a little dignity. A carefully selected, tasteful pair of dark sunglasses will help mask the red and puffy eyes you may experience while crying. Remember when deciding which pair to wear for this particular occasion that elegance and taste are extremely important.

Whether it is allergy season or you pulled an all-nighter studying for finals, you don’t have to cry to achieve the red, puffy-eyed look. Let’s face it, everyone has stayed out a little too late the night before and awakened the next morning to see Frankenstein starring back at them in the mirror. Sunglasses come in handy for these reasons as well. They may be a telltale sign of a one-too-many night if you wear them in the office, so this would not be recommended. However, the sudden sensitivity to light you may feel when you step into the day for the first time can be cushioned with a good pair of sunglasses.

Athletes often find themselves playing their particular sport outside on a hot, sunny day. Unfortunately, there are no allowances in the rules for a baseball player that misses a fly ball because the sun blinded him. To help with athletic performance, certain sunglasses are made specifically for athletes. An aerodynamic design and wraparound shape hug the face and ensure the player sees every ball coming his way. The important detail for these sunglasses is size. They have to fit perfectly; otherwise they’ll fall off while running, if too big, or cut off circulation in your face if they’re too small.

One use for sunglasses has only recently been discovered. The next time you are flying overseas and want to avoid the taxing effects of jet lag, try putting a pair of sunglasses. Scientists have recently discovered that sunglasses help fool the body through the use of light. Your biological clock (which-as it turns out-is a real thing) consists of about 20,000 nerve cells that respond differently to light and dark. By wearing sunglasses for certain amounts of time during a long trip, you can lessen the effects of jet lag.

You see that there are many reasons to wear sunglasses. These reasons should not, however, overshadow the primary benefit. Sunglasses are protection for your eyes. They will help ensure you keep seeing the world the way it was intended. That is the best reason of all to pick up a pair today.

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