Some Points For Attention For Choosing Eyeglass Lenses

One should choose eyeglasses based on job demands and living needs, etc., besides, to know the function and performance of certain eyeglasses is also necessary. Only with choosing the proper eyeglasses can one brings the maximum effect of glasses and eye health. Today, we are talking about, specifically, some points for attention for choosing eyeglass lenses.

1. Choose lenses of proper color. For eyeglass wearers who have high requirements on vision and the color of objects should choose colourless and transparent lenses. The students, drivers, surgeons and painters are the best examples, for if drivers wear dark color lenses, they would be slow in the distance change. Then car accidents would be easily resulted in.

2. Take the light transmittance of lenses into consideration. Lenses with high light transmittance are able to provide the wearers a clear vision of little chromatic aberration. Usually those optical lenses coated with multi-layer anti-reflection, colourless optical lenses and aspherical ultrathin optical lenses are of high light transmittance.

3. Do not neglect the thickness of lenses. It closely relates to the diopter, refractive index, the pupil distance, the size the frame and position of astigmatic axis.

4. The weight of lenses affect the eyeglasses’ performance much. It is a common knowledge that light weighted glasses could reduce burdens posed on the wearers. Generally speaking glass lenses are heavier than resin lenses, which are heavier than PC lenses. Among the three, resin lenses are comparatively cheaper than the rest two, so they are the most popular lens type.

5. The hardness and power of lenses should be high enough, so that the lenses can bear abrasion resistant and impact resistant abilities. For this point, you could ask for relative product description from shop assistants.

6. Pick up shape of lenses suiting to your facial forms. This is a point often neglected by eyeglass buyers. In modern society where personal spiritual improvement are pursued, eyeglass is more than a tool for clear vision. Eyeglass constitutes a necessary accessory in our daily lives. Therefore, pick up lenses whose shapes suitable to your facial form.

7. Notice specific function of the lenses. Specific function of lenses include UV stop, high temperature resistance, anti-EMI and so no so forth. Each one is designed especially for certain activities. For example, if your work requires you to be outdoors often, UV stop eyeglasses should be your first choice; if you are spots lovers, impact resistant eyeglasses can protect your eyes to the most extent.

Bearing those points when you choose eyeglasses, you are certainly to select the ones just for you.