Lens Technologies Needed by Men Eyeglasses

It is widely recognized that men’s eyeglasses differ from women’s ones in frame styles. In most instances, those large and bold eyeglass frames are more suitable for men. Female eyeglass users are more probably to choose small or medium-sized frames. In fact, this is only one difference. Another one can be frame material. Metal frames and plastic ones are the two basic categories. The most outstanding difference between these two categories lies in weight. Eyeglass frames made of any type of metal will be heavier than those made from plastics. Most women would like to choose plastic frames because of their lightness. Men eyeglasses are more commonly seen with metal frames. All of these differences listed here are associated with frames. Yet there is still a gap in eyeglass lenses for women or men.

It is widely known that modern eyeglass lenses can be incorporated with some additional technologies, such as UV protection, scratch-resistant coating, and anti-reflective coating and so on. All these lens technologies are created to add additional features or benefits for the wearers in certain conditions. In most cases, these specially treated lenses seem to be equally important for both gentlemen and ladies. But in fact, most of these technologies benefit men more than female wearers. First, let’s evaluate UV treatment on a lens. In general, this technology is useful for both men and women. But with a careful thought, men eyeglasses need this feature more than women’s. Compared with an average girl, an ordinary boy tends to stay in the outside more frequently. The amount of time under outdoor circumstances for a man will always be considerably larger. In this case, UV protection aimed to block sunlight is especially beneficial to men. In other words, men eyeglasses enjoy more from this lens treatment.

The situation is similar when we evaluate scratch-resistant coating and anti-reflective coating. Most men especially young children and adults are more active than their respective counterparts. Scratch-resistant coating is invented to protect the lenses in case of a mishap such as falling down to the floor. Similar events happen to men eyeglasses more probably than women’s. For most gentlemen, scratch-resistant coating is essential to lengthen the life span of their eyeglasses. Anti-reflective coating is commonly appreciated because it can reduce glare from the flat surfaces reflecting sunlight. This coating is especially beneficial to fishermen, drivers and so on. Even until now, these tasks are mostly conducted by men. So, anti-reflective coating is more needed by gentlemen.