How to Choose an Eyeglass Frame

With the countless pairs of eyeglasses sold in the market, it can be difficult for eyeglass users to choose an appropriate pair. In general, there are both lenses and frames which should be considered. These two main parts are closely linked but most people choose to select each of them in a separate way. In fact, eyeglass lenses are more closely associated with normal vision, that they perform the essential task. This is especially true for prescription eyeglasses, whose lenses should be made with an exact power or powers. Other factors related with eyeglass lenses include lens color and some possible lens coatings. These are to some extent less important factors. The other important part is the frame, which is more closely linked with personal appearance with a pair of eyeglasses. Wearing glasses should not sacrifice the wearer’s natural beauty. In fact, more and more fashionable individuals use stylish spectacles to enhance personal look in the face. In this sense, it is worth considering that how to choose eyeglass frame.

There are some factors to be considered while choosing a pair of eyeglasses frame. The first one can be frame material. Available materials belonging to the metal category include titanium, memory metal, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and so on. Possible plastics can be high index ones, polycarbonate, CR-39 etc. It is not enough to know basic differences between these two main types. Metals are usually heavier than plastics for sure. More importantly, it is also necessary to compare their key features one by one, gaining the maximum benefit possible. The reason is that most modern metal and plastic variations are developed with unconventional properties that are unknown to the public. Their potential benefits are always worthy of the customers’ time and energy.

In addition to frame material, how to choose eyeglass frame also involves frame style. In essence, this factor is the most related when we consider fashion. In basic, eyeglass frames can be full frame, semi-rimless, or rimless. These main styles suit different groups of people. In general, semi-rimless frames are smaller in design but bigger in style than full-frame ones. And there is a similar comparison between semi-rimless glasses and rimless ones. One key point to evaluate the superiority of rimless glasses is that they can fit nearly all facial shapes, while full-frame glasses should carefully assess the wearer’s face shape. In addition, rimless glasses go better with most face sizes than full-frame and semi-rimless spectacles.