Tips For the Selection of Prescription Eyeglasses

In recent years, for convenience and low price, online shopping beats regular way to shop Shopping online, the buyers do not need to go out and visit from one store to another to compare price and performance of the good they want to buy. What they should do is just to click the mouse and all information concerning the good in different shops can be listed before your eyes. That is to say, within several minutes, you can make your decision of which one to buy.

As for buying eyeglasses online, the process is a little bit more complicated, but if you make it clear, you will find it is not that a big deal. Here below is the way to buy eyeglasses online.

1. Get your prescription. If the prescription you got is one you get within the past 12 months, you can just buy the lens according to relative information on the prescription. If not, you are required to get another one by an authorized optical professional in an optical store. Under normal circumstance, it is for free.

2. Know your frame size. A right frame acts importantly in the performance of a pair of eyeglasses, therefore, to know your frame size is essential. You can find this information easily by looking at a pair of frames you may currently won, if you have any eyeglasses. If not, go to visit a local optical store to choose the proper size of the frame suitable to you.

3. Know you face shape. Some eyeglasses looks better on a certain shape face. Never neglect this step, you should make sure that the eyeglasses look great on you. Anyhow, functioning as a tool to get a clear vision, eyeglass also constitute an necessary accessory.

4. Choose a notable online optical store. With the development of online shopping, more and more retailers engage themselves with this e-business. Therefore, it inevitably exists some frauds or not so good online stores. Then you should buy glasses on notable stores, so that the glasses you finally got are quality and performance guaranteed.

5. Choose material of the frame and lens. It is of variety for the materials of the frame and lens, ranging from plastic to titanium, and from glass to plastic. If you are young and fashionable, plastic frame perhaps will be more suitable to you; and if you are mature and steady-going, metal frame will attract you attention more. As for the lens, apart from the materials, the coating should also be taken into consideration. Those coatings can better protect your eyes, such as the UV protection coating and scratch-resistant coating, etc.

6. Check the guarantee system. After finishing all those steps above, you should check the guarantee system so as to make sure that if there is any problems, your right can be protected.

7. Make an order. Fill in your address and make the order according to indication on the site. Usually the order will be delivered to you in 2 or 3 days.

Besides, some optical stores online provide try-on system, which means that you can “try” the eyeglass you choose on on the website to see how the eyeglasses look on you.