Eyeglass Adjustment

Prescription eyeglasses are needed by a great figure of individuals suffering from various vision problems. For some people with severe myopia or hyperopia, they need to have eyeglasses on their faces for more than ten hours everyday. Vision correction for these folks is necessary except for sleeping hours. Offering such an important function and lasting so many hours on a daily basis, prescription eyeglasses must be comfortable. Otherwise, it is a disaster for those regular wearers.

The fact is that eyeglasses can be easily improperly sitting on the face. This would cause discomfort and even pain in a wearer. This discomfort of eyeglasses can be caused by some reasons. For instance, some wearers will misplace their glasses and then sit on them. In some cases, eyeglasses could be dropped or slip off the top of one’ head. This condition usually causes glasses to get loose. In a serious case, eyeglasses will get hit by a basketball or football when the wearer is playing on the court. All these conditions may damage glasses and prevent them from sitting properly on one’s face.

It is reasonable for glass wearers to adjust uncomfortable eyeglasses. Some easy problems are really within one’s own effort. Prescription eyeglasses with certain damage can be adjusted back into the right position. Eyeglass repair kits are available from some optical stores, including small screwdrivers, replacement screws and other assorted repair parts. These kits can help repair problems associated with loose screws. A problem related with the actual frame is a little more difficult. Only minor problems such as tight nose pads can be done by the wearer. And eyeglass lens adjustment always deserves more careful attention because scratches can be easily caused.

One point is very important. Glasses are delicate devices that extreme care is needed when a wearer tries to adjust them. Any improper move such as excessive force would cause irremediable subsequence. In this case, eyeglasses will be irreparable even by a professional optician.