Some Unknown Facts About Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are results of time and they are firmly linked with some stories. The history has recorded that the earliest forms of eyeglasses are made of glass tube with water over two thousand years ago. And they are popular among authority.

Of course, the first eyeglasses have made their emergence in the 13th century in Italy. And the inventor is still controversial. Different data has listed different inventors, but none of them can be settled. However, people pay more attention to their functions.

What people of nowadays cannot know is the inventor and the specific time, but the wide use of those eyeglasses. And they are spread to all places of the world.

The first eyeglasses can only be used to rectify limited eye problems, such as hyperopia and presbyopia. And those eyeglasses for myopia are invented much later. Sometimes, inventions emerge as a result of need. And it is not until the 17th century that people know the principle of the concave and convex lenses. The bifocals are said to be invented by Franklin. They can be used to treat with nearsightedness and presbyopia.

A long time is past since the first eyeglasses have emerged. And during this period, great changes have taken place in glasses. In particular, the appearance of contacts is a typical example. In some senses, contacts are better than eyeglasses. Some people even have ever doubted contacts would replace eyeglasses. And the emergence of eye surgery has also reinforced this idea. But eyeglasses can always maintain their popularity. The reason why eyeglasses are popular again is firmly related with fashion. And many inventions are made in those glasses.

Nowadays, eyeglasses are not only for vision correction, but also for self-interest. Wearers are seemed very attractive and nice with those glasses. And this has ensured the popularity of eyeglasses.