Which One to Choose – Contacts Or Eyeglasses?

At their initial stage, eyeglasses are mainly used for vision correction. However, wearers have to face the fact that their personal images will be greatly affected. In particular, women bear negative attitudes towards glasses.

As time goes by, some innovations are achieved in the designs of eyeglasses. Though new eyeglasses are much better than older ones, people still posses some bias toward those glasses.

For those who are bothered by eyeglasses, contact lenses are good alternatives. Those lenses will not affect people’s personal images while correcting their vision. To some extent, contacts have all merits but no demerits of glasses.

Therefore, it seems that eyeglasses will quit the market. However, those glasses have regained their vitality through some special methods. Eyeglasses have also become of accessories, not vision corrective devices only. For example, many people are ardent for designer eyeglasses. Once more, eyeglasses have gained great popularity.

According to some investigations, a lot of merits can be found in contact lenses. Here are they. Basically, contacts can cure almost all eye problems, as astigmatism, myopia, etc. Still, contact will not affect people’s appearance. Pictures gained by contacts are much vivid than eyeglasses. People have multiple alternatives according to their needs, such as daily wear, two-week wear, etc. Sometimes, people can sleep in some very special lenses. If people do not want to receive eye surgery or wear eyeglasses, contact lenses are good alternatives for them.

Additionally, there are also many merits in eyeglasses. Here are they. The first is doubtless vision correction for many eye problems. People who are suffering from presbyopia and myopia at the same time can wear bifocal eyeglasses. Progressive lenses are suitable for people who can not wear bifocal glasses. Particular tinted eyeglasses are called sunglasses. Most sunglasses can block UV rays. Sometimes, sunglasses can also be used for vision correction.

Now, people have more alternatives either in contacts or eyeglasses. Generally, contact can keep people’s appearance while correcting their vision. Eyeglasses can be used as accessories while correcting people’s vision.