Steps to Getting Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses have been a necessity for many people now. There are so many brands and styles of glasses on the market that people who want to buy eyeglasses for the first time may get confused. In fact, there are some basic steps to getting a new pair of glasses.

The first thing is to get the eyes checked by an eye doctor. This step is needed either for a new wearer or a regular wearer. Eyesight always develops along with time. In most cases, the prescription will get heavier and heavier. In this case, individuals always need to get their eyes rechecked every time they want to get a new pair of glasses. For new wearers, this is especially true because they have no prescription at all.

Eye doctors are more trustful than drugstores. Going to an eye doctor can ensure most of the necessary services. It is commonly known that drugstores usually offer cheap glasses such as reading ones. Eye doctor’s visit actually represents comprehensive eye check. On a regular basis, people should have their eyes checked if there is any problem developing explicitly. Going to an eye doctor for prescription change is part of the regular eye care.

With an up-to-date prescription, it is the time to decide a basic frame style. Eyeglass frame should be chosen according to the wearers’ face shape. In general, there are seven basic types of faces. The fundamental point is that eyeglass frames should contrast with the face shapes. It can be stylish only when the glasses and the face are prominent. In other words, the face and spectacles should be noticeably different. For instance, angled frames suit round and oval frames. Another requirement is about the size of the frame. It should be proportionate with facial features. They should be complimentary in most cases.