Tortoise Eyeglasses Frame Your Face in the Best Way

Usually, no one likes to be nerdy, all the same, with the latest fashion trends, when it comes to eyewear, it’s neat to look like a nerd. Both men and women are calling on the nerd concealed deep inside themselves by wearing oversize plastic frames, a few nearly too large for his or her face.

It’s actually a sentimental nod to the 1950s, when big, thick dark plastic frames, even cat-eye types, were well-accepted. It’s a version of modern-day 50’s looks, à la AMC’s well known series Mad Men. “The look ‘s been around for men for a couple years, but it’s become a lot more popular for women,” said Kristie Weiss, a spokesperson with the Vision Council, a not for profit trade group. “It has a 1950s feel, a bit like Mad Men inspired.”

The large, nerdy eyewear from Wayfarer to circular styles in clear, black, brown or tortoise shell carry out fall’s retro outfits: tailored suits, pencil skirts, lace dresses and bow blouses. Large numbers of people are abandoning their old frames and are also helping push the excitement. Kids heading to school are donning nerdy frames with the help of nonprescription designs from a variety of stores that will be filling their racks with these stylish frames.

Most big fashion companies such as Guchi, Armani, etc. have crafted eyewear collections featuring in plastic the very popularly accepted tortoise-shell frames with a old-fashioned feel for women. Men’s clothing designer John Varvatos will roll-out a limited-edition eyewear collection in September.

“This fall it’s about adopting a geek-chic look. Frames with a retro or vintage influence – for women it’s shown in the slight cat eye at the same time for men it is just a large rectangular shape.” At this time, (LensCrafters is offering 50 percent off lens with frames ordered by Sept. 12.)

Despite the fact that geek chic most likely is not a look for all of us, nerdy glasses can create a mantra. The appearance tells everyone, “Check out me, I’m with it! I am really cool. Some contact lens users are wearing glasses! When I first got contacts, you could not have caught me dead in a pair of glasses. Now, it is occurring often.”

“Now, that the creative designers are on board, and with so many red carpet stars, are all wearing them. It’s like that downtown LA style. You are aware of, what you wear if you’re not on the red carpet? – ripped jeans, T-shirts and glasses.”

It is the time to come to the party and join the incrowd, be trendy, be nerdy, be in! Visit Tortoise Eyeglass Frames

My name is Larry Jaworski and I have worn eyeglasses for most of my life. Most of the frames were of the plane vanilla clear plastic variety. Not any more! To please my grandkids I have done a lost of research on frames for eyeglasses.

I have searched the internet from one end to the other. I also looked at brochures and displays in optometrist offices. I had their representatives help me pick the frames most suited to my face. I finally, with all of the help selected tortoise eyeglass frames. My grandkids think I am way cool!