Children’s Eyeglasses and the Six Musts to Buying Them

Many parents dread walking into an optical store in search of buying a pair of eyeglasses for their children. Not only is it a pain at time but it also can be a little confusing. There are so many children’s eyeglass frames to choose from that even finding a starting point is difficult, but that’s only of the problems. What about deciding which ones your child would actually enjoy wearing or what frame will last longer than a few days?

Another problem us children’s glasses come in so many different styles and kid-friendly colors anymore. My answer to this is to let your child choose a few they like and then use those few as a base to make your selection. Let’s face it, the more they the pair of glasses they have, then the more likely it is that they will wear them.

Try asking your eye doctor to give you some specific recommendations about finding eyeglass frames. The decision doesn’t need to be yours and yours alone. To help you out in deciding what to look for in a pair of eyeglasses, here are five rules to follow in your search:

Scratch-resistant coating – The normal polycarbonate lenses that most people get their glasses made from contain a resistant coating already, but it is a good idea to upgrade to the heavy duty scratch-resistant coating for your kid’s glasses. This extra tough coating gives an even stronger resistance to possible scratching. Another plus with this type of coatings is the better warranty it comes with. Just be aware that no lenses are scratch proof especially when kids are involved.
Spring hinges – The idea behind spring hinges is the flexibility they give the frame to bend outward when your child is putting on or taking off their glasses. Most kids just yank them right off their face instead of slowly with two hands. Actually most kid’s glasses break from this.
Silicone nose pads – We’ve all seen these pads. They are what keep your glasses from falling down your face. The ones made from silicone are great for children because they tend to be soft and much more comfortable. Since they are silicone, they also are non-slip helping the glasses stay in the correct position.
Tinting – Most eye doctors do not recommend tinting children’s glasses because it can be harmful to their eyes. Instead, look into photo-chromatic lenses as an alternative. These will automatically darken outside in the sunlight while lightening up as they come back into less lighted areas such as indoors. If these lenses are too expensive, another alternative is to just purchase a pair of clip-on tinted lenses attached to the frame.
Warranties – Warranties for glasses usually vary from place to place especially when it comes to children’s glasses. You are in good shape if you can fine a warranty on a frame that runs for at least one year after the date of purchase. Anything longer than that is unneeded since the child will just outgrow the lenses or the frames.

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