Stylish and Comfortable Glasses Redefine Protective Eyewear

As sensitive and important as our eyes are, it only makes sense to do everything in our power to protect them at all costs when in an environment with potential hazards. This is especially true of many production sector work environments, where sparks, flying objects and other contaminants can potentially seriously injure your eyes without the proper protection.

What kind of eye protection is right for you depends on the work environment you’re in. Outside of work other potential hazards that could affect your eyes may exist depending on your lifestyle, which may require the use of protective eyewear. In addition to style choices, protective glasses can also come outfitted with different lenses.

Glass lenses are the most resistant to scratching, and can also be used in the vicinity of harsh chemicals. Glass lenses are heavier than other lenses though, making them potential awkward to wear, though this should subside after repeated use.

Plastic lenses on the other hand are much lighter than glass lenses and help to protect the eyes from any flying debris. They also fog less than other lenses, but are more likely to incur scratches. These lenses are the ones most commonly found in standard workplace safety glasses.

Polycarbonate lenses are also light weight and very similar to plastic lenses. These lenses are much more resistant to force and impact than plastic lenses though.

Safety glasses may make you feel silly or awkward, but the risks of exposing your eyes to danger are just not worth it. Even in work areas that may seem completely safe, there’s just never any guarantee that something won’t happen. Don’t take the risk for the sake of vanity and make sure you’re protected at all times and always look for osha approved glasses.

In addition to workplace hazards, many sports and other outdoor activities present unique hazards of their own. Be it cycling, baseball or hockey and many others, your eyes can be at risk during these activities at all times. There are numerous stylish sports glasses and goggles on the market, which can also be outfitted with prescription lenses if needed. These can not only protect your eyes but make you look good while doing so.

Eyewear has benefits beyond just protecting your eyes from harm. They also improve vision, can make reading a lot easier, and can proof effective in any other number of capacities in which eyesight plays a critical role. Always ensure you’re seeing the world from the safest and best piece of eyewear you can manage.

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