Extend Your Glasses With Proper Care

Glasses are expensive but required for many people. It is vital that they are taken care of because replacing them is not always an option. However, there are few that are aware of the proper procedures for caring for and maintaining a pair. They can easily become damaged from nothing more than improper cleaning techniques. This could cause the need to buy new ones and that can sometimes be out of the question. It is possible to extend their life if the proper care is used.

Lenses are easily damaged because they are made of glass. Even scratch resistant glass can become damaged easily. Lenses that were not cared for correctly will scratch and be unusable. The cost to replace the lens is almost as much as the pair cost in the beginning. Learning how to cleanse your lenses will make a big difference in the length of time you can use them.

Twice a day is the minimum that lenses should be cleaned. Constant wearers who find theirs are dirty more often can always clean them more often. The problem is that so many people believe a quick swipe along the lens with the tail of their t-shirt is a thorough and proper cleaning. It is not. This can actually damage the glass quite extensively.

When it is time to clean you should never start with a dry cloth. Any cloth when dry is just asking for scratches. You should always use water first. For extra dirt you can use soap. If you are not comfortable with soap, there are cleaners available. But always start with water.

Now you can use your cloth but you have to have standards. These lenses require a soft and non-abrasive cloth that you may have to purchase for this purpose. Micro-fiber cloths are what experts recommend. Shirts, washcloths and paper towels should never be used for cleaning. These are quite abrasive to your sensitive glass and will damage it. Stick your cloth somewhere dust free and wash it often.

You need to also pay close attention to the frames. You do not want to replace them before it is needed either. Frames tend to loosen up over time just from simply being worn. If you find that they often slip then this might be a problem. Use a tiny screwdriver to keep your frames tight. A loose frame can send the lens falling out also and you do not want that to happen.

Storage of your glasses when they are not in use is important to their care as well. Even when you are not wearing them you should be taking care of yours. The best way is to keep them in a hard shell case. This keeps off the dust and other items. It also prevents accidental breakage. A soft shell case can do neither.

Maintaining your pair improperly can create damage and cost you money that you simply do not have. You can easily avoid this by learning the proper ways to clean, store and care for your frames and lenses. If you want to extend the life of your glasses all you need is a little knowledge and you will be on your way.

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