Tips for Reading Glasses Care

When you are transporting your reading glasses around with you, there is a lot of potential for them to get lost or damaged. To help them live a long, happy life with you, here are some guidelines for care. Taking care of your vision means better overall eye health and a substantially higher level of functioning when your frustration is reduced due to better sight!

1. Use a case – typically, women carry their reading glasses in their purse while men put them in their briefcase or pocket. There’s the potential for scratches or damage while they’re being transported. Put them in a case so that your glasses are always protected.

2. Clean your reading glasses properly – if your glasses are dirty, trying to clean them the wrong way can cause permanent damage. To clean them, rinse them off with water first to protect the lens from scratches. Then use a microfiber cloth to remove finger prints and other marks!

3. Find the right fit – you want to be able to move around comfortably in your readers without them falling off, so make sure that you have the right fit!

4. Buy a second pair – if you don’t want to worry about transporting your reading glasses, purchase more than one pair to leave at home, at the office, and anywhere else you may require them.

Fortunately, if you do happen to cause a problem with your glasses, when purchasing over the counter ones, they are inexpensive to replace. But caring for them ensures you have a wider collection of fashion accessories.