The Bates Method For Better Eyesight Without Glasses – Use This Method and Throw Away Your Glasses

Are you looking to improve your vision naturally? If yes then the Bates method for better eyesight without glasses is the answer to improve your eyesight naturally. Dr. William Bates invented this method in the year 1920. He published a book called as “Perfect sight without glasses” where he proposed some theories related to the eye impairment and the ways to improve vision naturally.

Dr. Bates suggested some improvements for school students by teaching them various methods to get relief from their eye strain. Kids have natural ability to learn all the new interesting things in the world. The problem is they try to learn all day long and forces themselves to memorize unwanted things. This can cause serious eyestrain and it automatically reduces their grasping power. Our eyes need regular breaks and rest.

Dr. Bates prepared a large whiteboard containing different types of letters and images of different sizes. Most of the images and letters were familiar to the school children. He placed the board in front of the classroom and told children to see the board whenever they feel tired. The children started to look at the different images and letters whenever they feel overwhelmed and tired. This exercise really helped children to improve their eyesight in the near future.

This was a successful test and many teachers reported the amazing improvement in the concentration of many students. But the school administration rejected the idea of placing boards in the classroom because they thought it was too distracting and time wasting for students. After some time they banned the Bates method. Till this time the ban is not yet lifted in schools. China is the only country in the world where the Bates method is currently used by different schools for improving the vision of the students naturally.

But we still can use this Bates method anywhere we want. We can try this method at home by hanging big images card on the wall. Whenever we feel strained and tired we can see at the board for 2 to 3 minutes regularly. This method can tremendously improve our work efficiency and it can really help to enhance our eyesight naturally.

Do you really want to improve your eyesight and throw away your glasses once and for all?