The Easy Way to Get Contact Lenses: No Prescription Contacts

No prescription contacts or contact lenses have become more and more popular over the last twenty years or so. The availability of several types of contact lenses make this option suitable for more people. No Prescription Contacts fills a need for people who prefer contact lenses to prescription eyeglasses. For others, especially the many people who participate in any type of sports, contact lenses are essential; they are not only safer to wear but they also provide a wider field of vision. Clearly, this is paramount when competing in any sports activity. The convenience and vision benefits of these is something that no prescription contacts can provide.

Since the first hard plastic contact lenses were introduced over fifty years ago there have been many changes and improvements to lenses. As the hard plastic type of lenses was phased out, a gas permeable type of lens was introduced. These lenses provided a greater supply of oxygen to reach the cornea, which was found to be far more comfortable for the lens wearer. It is also much healthier for the eye.

Soft contact lenses are one of the most popular types of lenses. Since the introduction of disposable lenses the wearing of lenses has become more convenient and far easier than in the past. This is due to the type of material used to produce soft lenses, which reduces the need for regular cleaning depending on the life of the lenses. Disposables are designed to either be worn daily for a week or more then disposed of. If daily lenses are preferred it eliminates the need for any cleaning products at all. In fact, some disposable lenses are able to be worn overnight which can be another asset for some wearers.

With No prescription contacts a person can easily change the color of their lenses. Colored no prescription contacts are fun and lets the wearer match their eye color to the clothes they are wearing or to a special occasion. Women in particular enjoy the opportunity to color coordinate their eyes as well as their outfits, and many choose to wear no prescription contacts when they change their hair color as well. Formerly reserved for actors and actresses to suit a particular part, no prescription contacts are now available for the ordinary man or woman who wants to try a new eye color.

They are available in rigid, soft or disposable types. They can be worn if a person is short sighted (myopic) or long sighted (hyperopic) as well as to correct other vision conditions such as astigmatism, presbyopia and corneal distortion. Each type has its benefits, and wearers tend to choose the lenses they are more comfortable wearing and using in terms of convenience. A person wishing to change from spectacles to no prescription contacts or contact lenses will find a lot of flexibility in type, function and color.

With the many types of contact lenses and no prescription contacts available on the market today, anyone who is in need of contact lenses has a far wider choice than in previous years. It goes without saying that as time passes, no prescription contacts will undoubtedly become more in demand.