What to Do If Your Contact Lenses Don’t Feel Comfortable

Many people give up wearing contact lenses because they can never get used to them. The lenses just don’t feel comfortable. If this is your case don’t give up just yet; there are several things you can do to make your lenses more comfortable.

If you contact lenses feel dry

How many glasses of water do you have every day? Not soda, coffee or tea, but water? It is possible that your dry eyes are a result of general dehydration. Try to drink more water. We all know that water is on the “good for you” list, but we often forget about it during our busy days.

If you work at the computer all day, your eyes are definitely drier than they would be, otherwise. The reason is that while peering at the screen people blink much less than usual. You can’t control your blinking, but you can try closing your eyes for a few seconds, at regular intervals.

Do you drink a lot of tea, coffee or soda that contains caffeine? They all are dehydrators so, if you like coffee, you need to drink even more water than usual.

Also you can ask your doctor if silicon-hydrogel contact lenses would suit you. New generation silicon-hydrogel contacts don’t block oxygen flow to your eyes as much as ordinary lenses. Quite often contact lens wearers report that silicon-hydrogel contacts, like Acuvue Advance, Focus Night and Day or O2 Optix, solved their dry-eyes problem

Eye drops can also be a solution, but only if your eyes occasionally feel dry. You shouldn’t use eye drops all the time

You constantly feel the lens in your eye

High quality contact lenses that are properly fitted to your eyes should feel like you have nothing in your eye at all. See if these recommendations can help..

Are you often exposed to cigarette smoke or dirty environments? Tiny particles that get under your lens might be the cause of your discomfort, try to avoid smoke and dusty rooms if possible.

Do you follow your doctor’s instructions about cleaning your contacts every day and replacing them on schedule? It is possible that proteins from your eyes have built up on your lenses. It is very important to care for your lenses properly

You can also switch to daily disposable contacts. They don’t require any care at all, and every day you start with fresh lenses that have no build-ups from the previous day. Daily disposable lenses are definitely a solution for people who have to spend a lot of time in dusty environments.

The reason for lens awareness might be that the lenses simply don’t fit you. Contact lenses have many parameters and have to be properly fitted by an eye doctor. You can’t just select the brand you like and order it online.

Your eyes feel swollen, red and irritated

This is a sign of a serious problem and, whatever the cause might be, the only sensible thing to do is to take your lenses off immediately and don’t wear them until you can see a doctor. Most likely the lenses are not the source of your problem, but your eyes will heal better if there is nothing in them.