Cheap Contact Lenses for Halloween – Tips for Success

Everybody is always trying to top their Halloween costume from last year with something even wilder and crazier. You may have noticed costume contact lenses that are available with all kinds of different scary effects for Halloween. They’re really great if you want to scare your friends, but when you get ready to buy some cheap contact lenses for Halloween, just make sure you follow some important tips to avoid any problems.

Tip 1 – Getting The Right Fit

When you are about to order some cheap contact lenses for Halloween, you’ll notice that they can appear to be one- size-fits-all. Be careful! Some suppliers sell them this way, but you may want to avoid those companies because a one- size-fits-all attitude towards contacts can be dangerous to your eye health. You can probably buy crazy colored contacts without any problem. But before you do, get a prescription first, and order only from places that can provide your prescription. Your doctor’s prescription is basically a description of the shape and size of your eye, which is necessary to make sure that the lenses you order will fit your eye, and not cause any rubbing, injury or infection to your eyes.

Tip 2 – Making The Right Choice

Once you have your prescription and you’ve found a company that can provide it, you’ll want to pick the right lenses to coordinate with whatever costume or theme you’ve selected for Halloween this year. If you wear a clown outfit, you don’t want eyes that look like a zombie or vampire (unless, of course, you want to be a scary clown). Keep your costume in mind when you select the style of contact lenses you want to order. There are all kinds of crazy, colored lenses to choose from for this. If you’re going to be a ghost or something else scary, you can order zombie lenses, pitch black contact lenses, fire, bloodshot eyes, or something similar. If your theme is fun, like Mardi Gras or patriotism, try red spirals or red-white-and-blue, among other possibilities.

Tip 3 – Following The Right Instructions

When you order your cheap contact lenses for Halloween, you may have the false impression that you don’t have to take care of them like you do with regular prescription contact lenses that someone might wear for vision correction. This is a false assumption that many people make. If you don’t exercise normal care and caution with your cheap special effects lenses, you may regret it because you can end up with eye infections or injury as a result. To avoid these unfortunate consequences, never share your lenses with anyone else. Don’t wear them for lengths of time that are beyond the time periods they are designed for; for example, if they are daily lenses, don’t try to keep them in 24-hours-a-day like extended wear lenses. Also, if you plan to re-use them more than once, take care to clean them properly and store them overnight in a good contact lens solution.

Cheap contact lenses for Halloween are great for having fun and saving money. Just remember the above tips and you’ll be able to enjoy a safe and happy Halloween. Your eyes are one of the most important assets you have. Don’t risk them by getting cheap lenses without a prescription, or being careless in how you wear or clean them. A little effort is all it takes to be safe and healthy, and to have a great Halloween, listening to the blood-curdling screams when your friends see your bloodshot eyes, pitch black mirrored eyes, or whatever ghastly delight you decide to choose for your costume.