Night And Day Contact Lenses Explained

Do you love your contact lenses but hate the daily monotonous chores of inserting, removing and cleaning them?

Then the revolutionary new Focus Night and Day contacts might be just what you are looking for…

These are the first ever contact lenses that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved for continuous, around-the-clock use over an unprecedented 30 day period. No need to remove your contacts each and every night, then put them back in again next morning – you can leave these amazing lenses in 24/7!

Ever since contact lenses were invented eye doctors have recommended that users remove them every night to ensure that your eyes get enough oxygen and prevent you from getting eye infections.

Now, however, with the advent of the brand new Focus night and day contacts you can keep your contacts in and still get an adequate supply of oxygen to your eyes. These pioneering lenses allow six times more oxygen to pass through to your eye than regular soft disposable contact lenses – that’s why you can wear them at night without fear.

That makes night and day contacts perfect for people with hectic lifestyles, business people who travel a lot, students with hectic class schedules, vacationers who don’t want to be bothered with lens care can all benefit from these convenient to use lenses.

Already there are already half a million happy people wearing night and day contacts and enjoying the sheer simplicity of wearing the same pair of lenses non-stop for a whole month. After that, you can just throw the lenses out and start anew with another fresh pair for another month.

Besides the ease-of-use and convenience that the Focus night and day contacts provide, these breakthrough lenses also offer other benefits. Many people have found these contacts to be more comfortable to wear than regular soft lenses because they reduce the dryness and dehydration felt by many regular lens users.

Night and day contacts are also resistant to build up from the protein deposits that normally form, on soft contacts, from the tears and material in your eyes – this means no scratchy feeling or irritation when wearing them. In fact, a recent FDA study discovered that 90 percent of the users, who participated in the study responded, rated the comfort of the new lenses as “very good” to “excellent.”

It is no surprise, therefore, that the lenses also rated well, in the same survey, in terms of their maintenance and care – 89 percent of the participants said that the lenses rated “very good” to “excellent” when it came to taking care of them.

With reviews like that, night and day contacts sound like an win-win option for those of us who want more from our lenses, not lenses that require more from us!