Disposable Contact Lenses

People must take good care of their contact lenses. Cleaning the contact lenses and storing them in solution must be a daily ritual to keep them clean and soft and not let them get dry. Also, this would ensure that the lenses are dust free and would not cause any irritation or itchiness in the eyes.

An alternative to this is to use disposable ones. Even though there are contact lenses that can be disposed after a day’s use, they might be very expensive and many people can’t afford them. Contact lens that can be disposed once a week, or a month, or six months or a year are the most popular and affordable types of disposable contact lenses.

Disposable contacts must not be used after the expiration date since this might result in complications in the vision or the eyes. They are also convenient to use and so most physicians tend to prescribe these to the patients. Most popular among the disposable variety are the ones that can be replaced once in every week or two weeks. Also available are the disposable contact lenses that can be disposed once in a month or a quarter, they are known as the frequent replacement lenses. Contact lenses that can be used for at least six months to a year are the reusable lenses. These are the traditional lenses and are not exactly considered to disposable contact lenses.

Disposable lenses are available for daily wear as well as for specialized uses such as for cornea correction during the night. The disposable variety for this particular purpose is also available in the present market.

It is a good practice to dispose of the used lenses at regular intervals or as prescribed by the doctor. This is because the deposits formed in the eye can attach themselves to the contact lenses gradually making them less safe as time passes. Naturally, this would also result in the lenses infecting the eye, causing irritation, itching, and abrasion, as well as affecting the vision adversely.

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