Contact Lenses: What’s Out There For Me?

For many, the purchase of contact lenses is as simple as walking into the eye doctor’s office and getting the prescription. But, what many don’t realize, but should is that you don’t have to get your prescription there. In fact, when you don’t, you are likely to save money, time and get a great looking contact lens as well. To help you to understand what your options are, here is some information that you should consider the next time you head out to purchase contact lenses.

Getting The Prescription

Even though you can purchase contact lenses in virtually any environment, you will first need to have an accurate and current prescription for them. You may see advertisements for “no prescription” products but these are actually advertising for contact lenses that do not improve eye sight. In fact, even if you get these types of contact lenses, you still have to get a prescription for them. The prescription will do several things.

First, it will help to determine your eye’s health.

Second, it will allow for the eye doctor to determine the size of the eye. This is necessary in order to purchase lenses.

Third, this appointment will help to determine if you need eye correction contact lenses and what your prescription should be.

This information is necessary in order to purchase contact lenses in any location.

What’s Out There

Now that you have your prescription in hand, you can find the right products for your specific needs and your desires. Here are some of your options to consider.

The first types of contact lens to consider are those that simply correct the vision of the eye. Many have this need and this was the first use of the contact lens. By helping to reshape the cornea through enough pressure, even some of the more difficult eye conditions can be helped. There are several different types of these lenses to help fit your specific needs. Talk to your eye doctor about the various types and which are the best fit for you.

But, eye correction is not all there is to consider. Perhaps you would like to change the color of your eye? Even if you have no need for vision correction, but still would like to have contact lenses that change your eye color. In either case, there are lenses that can do just that for you. You’ll find a wide range of products to choose from. Some will tint the color of the eye just slightly while others can be dramatic changes. They work by covering the eye while allowing sight to pass through the pupil or middle clearly. Even dark eyes can often be made lighter.

You can also take it to the extreme level as well. Contact lenses can be used to transform your look. For example, you can use them to transform the eye into an animal’s eye shape such as that of a cat or snake. Or, you can go with wild colors such as purples and reds. Even still, there are special effects such as glow in the dark contact lenses that are amazing!


Perhaps you do not realize just how affordable contact lenses can be. The fact is that they are now about the same cost as many glasses. In many cases, the contact lenses will be more because of the prescription that you need. One way to find a great price on the contact lenses that you really want and need is to purchase them from the web. By taking advantage of outstanding sales and discounts online, you are sure to save a lot of money and be able to afford some of the very best contact lenses out there.

The bottom line is that contact lenses are a great solution for anyone. They can be a great way to get rid of those bothersome glasses or they can be the perfect fashion accessory. With the ease of purchasing them and their prices becoming more and more affordable, is there really a reason why anyone should not invest in them? Talk to your eye doctor about a prescription and choose what you like and want to wear in contact lenses.