The Traditional Spectacles Versus Contact Lenses

There has been a great debate on the visually challenged legion of people, that being what is the better eyewear for them. Will it be the traditional spectacles or the contact lenses? To discuss this hot topic, an elaboration of the characteristics of the two eye correction equipments will be laid down against each other, of that, both will be tested with certain factors in manners that deal with performance, fashion and safety. These arrangements aim that the readers will come up with good and sound judgment for them to choose the proper eyewear that would help correct their eye conditions.


Both the traditional spectacles and the contact lenses have been getting high marks with regards to eye correction. A lot of people are pleased by the manner that their eye conditions have been bettered by wearing either the eyeglasses or the contact lenses. This means that in this category both have the same marks, which is, passed.


The safety that is described here is the safety of the eye, on which even on the account of both eyewear’s eye correcting capability have created complications to the exposed and fragile organ. Since the traditional eyeglasses have been designed to be kept away from direct contact with the eye, it does not at much put the eye at risk, in fact aside from protection the eyes from dust and dirt, spectacle lenses have been tampered with UV rays protection.

Contact lenses are more prone to give eye infection. This is not the contact lenses per se, but how it is being held in the process of wearing it, as contaminations can find itself on the finger that puts the plastic lenses in front of the cornea. This contaminants can formulate into irritants that can also form into vision threatening conditions, of which have cost a lot of people their vision.


In the sense of fashion and style, no matter how the traditional glasses’ designs are improved and modernized, more and more people still prefer wearing contact lenses. The reason behind this is simply that with contact lenses, your looks may vary with the different designs that you can choose from. You can choose to look normal with the clear lens, or you can enhance your eyes with colored lenses. All of which is possible and it is up to your taste.


One last thing that is to be considered is the cost. A lot of people have the wrong notion that contact lenses are more expenxive than the traditional eyeglasses. That could have been true, some 40 years ago when the lenses were made from glass tubes. With the polyethylene lenses, contacts are now a whole lot cheaper than your regular eyeglasses.

With the categories that have been laid down so that the classic debate of whether it is better to use traditional eyeglasses of contact lenses will be put to rest, there is no better judge, than you, dear reader. So make sure that you consider the four categories to come up with a sound decision when choosing the correct instrument to help you with correcting your eye condition.