Getting Framed With the Right Spectacles to Suit You!

Some of the most beautiful glasses frames on the market are made by designers who command a high price for the privilege of wearing Chanel; Nina Ricci; Oakley; Versace or Armani. On close examination, these frames are indeed impressive and usually come in cases that are equally snazzy, in leather, suede and satin with an expensive clasp to ensure your glasses are secure.

Not everyone can afford to pay several hundred pounds or dollars for a designer label, however. Some people have to settle for a proprietary brand but this does not necessarily mean the frames are in any way inferior. Quite often the quality of a frame is sacrificed for the design and if care is not taken the weight of the frame can be totally incompatible with the lenses they are intended for. To avoid making bloomers with your glasses, always take the advice of a qualified eye car practitioner and ensure your frames are right for your lenses.

It is usual in recent years to be offered a two for one deal on spectacles and if you are going to take advantage of this offer, ensure your second pair is as good quality as the first. If you are opting to have tinted lenses or sunglasses as a second pair, pay attention to the colour of the lenses and match them with the colour of the frames or at least ensure the colours are compatible. Blues and greens together can look very odd, unless you are deliberately mixing brighter colours for effect. Consult the colour charts available from your eye care outlet and if you are not shown them, ask to see them.

It is never a good idea to wade through racks and racks of glasses frames looking for a pair that is appealing to you. It is fairly obvious that a great number will look attractive to you but they might not be the right shape and size for your face. Ask your eye care practitioner to select a tray of frames that will suit your face. This should narrow down the field to around twenty frames in a variety of colours and shapes. Concentrate on trying on these frames before a mirror.

Once you have decided on the frames you like, you will be asked whether you want lenses that are tinted. If you do want tinted lenses, ask to be shown a sample of the lens and slip it behind the frame you have chosen to match the colour. Ask advice and don’t be afraid to be adventurous!

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