Throw Away Your Glasses Forever – Using Eye Exercises to Improve Vision Without Glasses Or Surgery

Eye exercises to improve vision are gaining in popularity because of its amazing results. People who are adopting the different types of eye exercises to improve vision have experienced considerable results that many of them no longer rely on glasses or contact lenses. The freedom to move is a great feeling especially if you’ve been held back by eyeglasses for fear it will fall off. With eye exercises to improve vision, 20/20 clarity is achievable and could be maintained even with an advanced age.

Pushing to Strain the Eyes

Among the biggest reasons why many people today are using glasses and contact lenses is technology. Work requires most people to sit in front of the computer for nearly eight hours a day. While at home, the same person who spent considerable hours in front of the computer will watch the television until late at night.

This practice naturally deteriorates eyesight. Constantly strained eyes will slowly deteriorate because it doesn’t rest. Sleeping could help but our vision has to be put to rest even in the middle of the day. Resting will prevent the bad effect of constant exposure to computers and television to your eyesight.

Palming Period for Resting

If you want to have better vision without glasses but work requires you to use the computer all day, there is a small but useful exercise you could use. Called the palming technique, this maintains eyesight quality and even lead to better vision without glasses. All you need to do is to rub your hands and place the palm on top of your eyes and let it stay there for a few minutes.

This practice will greatly help your eyesight. The palm of your hands will cover eyesight so that nothing will ever go through. Even sunlight will not go through the palm of your hands. This is a great resting exercise as your eyesight quickly recuperates from strenuous use.

Other Techniques from Dr. William Bates

Even though the practice of exercises for vision improvement is just starting to gain in popularity, the method for natural eye improvement was developed as early as 1880. Dr. William H. Bates was credited for developing different types of exercises that could help improve eyesight. It’s actually a remarkable feat considering the limited resources and information regarding eye development during that time.

His techniques are still popular although a few of those techniques have been modified a bit to adapt to modern environment. His methods offer a unique opportunity for those who wanted to have better vision without glasses.