Tips For Eyeglass Selection

The selection of eyeglasses either for fashion or vision correction is no easy job, especially for those who have never worn eyeglasses. Although there are always salesmen introducing their options, customers still need to know some basic knowledge about eyeglasses. Some fundamental codes of eyeglass selection are quite necessarily for everyone to know. Furthermore, with the increasing prevalence of online optical stores, more and more individuals switch to this source. There are always no detailed description or recommendation for customers from online stores.

While some people are concerned with their look with eyeglasses, a good pair of eyeglasses actually aims to enhance the naturally good features that the wearer has. It is true that a new pair of glasses will transform the way one looks. Either for a kid or an adult, it is challenging to select a right pair that suits ideally one’s own features. Without enough preparation or basic knowledge, things can go wrong.

The first consideration can be given to the frame shape. Customers should keep in mind that glasses affect mostly the features of the face, enhancing them or degrading them. There are basically different types of face structure. The first step for an individual is to identify his or her own face type. For instance, basic face shapes include round, oval, triangle, rectangular, diamond and so forth. The simplest criterion of choosing frame shape is that it should be intrinsically different from the face shape.

In other words, the two shapes should be opposite. If the frame shape and the face shape are similar, they will blend, rather than make an outstanding statement. For instance, angled frames suit rounded and oval faces. And rectangular shaped faces should choose frame with an opposite shape. It is quite necessary to keep a list of several face shapes that are commonest and their respectively suitable glasses.

Another factor is the size of eyeglasses. Generally speaking, glasses should share the same proportions as the face. A simple example is that a wide face looks better with a wide pair of glasses.