It is Very Nice to Purchase Eyeglasses Online Through Try-On System

Nowadays, more and more people begin to purchase online, for goods there are much cheaper than real stores at where we can not get products of the current fashion some time. However, from online vendors, we can get almost all the latest products in the market after their emergence.

As a glasses wearer, I have benefited a lot from online stores. In fact, in the past I did not think it is a good idea to purchase eye glasses online, for I cannot tell those glasses are suitable for me or not until I received them. However, something has changed my idea. Not only I buy eyeglasses online, but I also persuade my friends to purchase them online. Thus, some of you may wonder how I can get those lenses that suit me best. The secret lies in the online try-on system. Here, I am going to list some detailed information about how to buy eyeglasses online and how this system works.

When I entered this website of an online lenses vendor, I can see some items on the top of the homepage. One of the items is virtual eyeglass try-on system, which means I can try any glasses through the system and get the ones that fit me most. But before use the try-on system, I will spend some time to take a look at the lenses, including the styles, the prices, the colors of the lenses and frames, the fashionable element, etc. Then, I will pick out some glasses that I think is good and try them in the system. However, different vendors use different try-on systems. Here are some typical examples. And let’s take a look at how to choose glasses through these systems.

One of the try-on systems is to use some models. There are head pictures of many models through which I can have a clear idea about what I am looked with these glasses. Some of you may say there is great difference between me and these models. In fact, the head pictures of the models have included all possible head and facial forms. For example, some faces are round, some are pointed; some traditional and some fashionable; some have fair skins, and some dark skins, etc. I have a slim face with fair skin, and I have chosen some glasses that are contrast with my face and skin. I am very satisfied with the glasses after I have received them, for the virtual effect is the same as real effect in real world.

Another try-on system is to use my own picture. After picking out these beloved lenses, I come into the try-on system. A pair of the glass will be reflected onto the trying square, and I am required to project my own picture into the square through the camera on my computer. This is my real face picture. Once I can sit in the right position, I can tell what I am looked like with the glass. This system is very vivid and there is almost no difference between virtual and real effect.

Another try-on system is much more professional and complicated. In this system, I have to know some accurate data of my facial features, such as the width of my nose, my forehead, my mouth, my eyes, etc. After I have keyed in the data, the models will be automatically adjusted accordingly. This system can assure that the glasses for me are individualized in terms of sizes, colors, etc.

Of course, if you want to buy eyeglasses online, you may encounter many other try-on systems. And with the development of electronic technologies, more accurate systems will be brought out. And the virtual system will be much vivid.

All my friends and other people who have purchased eyeglasses online through try-on systems are very satisfied with what they have bought. No one has ever complained that there is any inconformity between the virtual and the real effect.

Maybe now you have decided to purchase eyeglasses online through try-on system. Congratulations! You have made a wise decision. Why? Just image how much you will be charged at real optical stores and how much money you can save through online purchase? With these advanced virtual try-on systems, you can enjoy the same experience as at real stores. What’s more, a lot of money and time will be saved.